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Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc.
6919 Meadows Town Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Phone: (828) 683-7304
Fax: (828) 683-6281
E-mail: info@horsesenseotc.com








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Horse Sense of the Carolinas
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Horse Sense Business Sense


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Collaborative Partners for Your Success

Horse Sense of the Carolinas is proud to collaborate with the following organizations, offering the highest quality services for your long-term development and improvement.


Wilderness Therapy provides a unique clinical treatment approach that has proven to be highly effective in helping students identify their limiting emotional beliefs and destructive behavioral habits. This newfound awareness enables students to shift their focus from personal entitlement and blaming to mastering personal responsibility and practicing healthy relationship skills.

The outdoor experience is designed to engage the deeply held passions and desire for purpose that characterize adolescence. At the SUWS of the Carolina program, students are expertly guided through experiential and hands-on curriculum, which allows them to discover their inner strengths while increasing their self-awareness and self-esteem. The SUWS program employs a “search and rescue” metaphor to teach students character development and to assist in the identification of core values and guiding principles.

Meadows Town Ranch, LLC

Meadows Town Ranch is located in Western North Carolina just outside the town of Marshall. The Ranch contains around 80 acres of pasture and woods, some of which used to be tobacco farmland.  The Ranch currently has 19 horses with a mixture of breeds from Miniatures - horses and a donkey - up through Arabian and Quarter Horse to Percheron (draft). Most of them are rescue horses deemed expendable by previous owners but have found a place in our herds. They do have to earn their keep so, in addition to helping humans learn Horsemanship, they work with Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc in their Equine Assisted Practices and Therapeutic Riding program.

To help standardize handling, the Ranch uses Parelli Natural Horsemanship with the horses. This method was chosen because it relies more on psychology, understanding, and communication instead of mechanics, fear, and intimidation to build relationships with the horses and develop partnerships. Richard Knapp, the Ranch Manager, is also a Parelli Licensed Professional as a Two Star Junior Instructor.

Caring 4 Children

Step inside to see what makes a CARING home such a special place for children. What you’ll see are normal kids. They live in your neighborhood and go to school with your children. They have dreams and goals. They laugh and cry. The only difference is that they’ve had some problems and need a comfortable, supportive environment they can call home.

Using a variety of settings to provide help for children and families in crisis because of family conflict, abuse, neglect, behavior problems or mental health issues. Each CARING program is staffed by professionals who help children and families deal with the present, put the past behind them, and help them look to the future.

4 Seasons

Four Seasons is a non-profit organization, deeply committed to serving the community through fulfilling its mission of co-creating the care experience.  Services include: Hospice, Palliative Care, Research, Elizabeth House, and Bereavement.

Our staff ensures that patients and families going through an incredibly challenging time are cared for. We exist to ensure they are cared for in a home-like setting with a team of professionals that minister to the body, mind, spirit, and emotional components that comprise us all. We create an environment that enables patients and families to say those things that need to be said before they leave this world - things like I love you, thank you, I forgive you, and please forgive me. We work to ensure the patient is as pain and symptom free as possible.


Current and Past Partners

Aerie Experiences LLC

Bill Kelley/Orlent

CAYLA: City of Asheville Young Leaders Academy

Changing Together - Gang Violence Prevention Project

Edneyville Elementary School

Families Together/Mentor

Governor's Crime Commission of NC

Hope House

Isaac Dickson Elementary

Jonathon Flaum (formerly of Write Mind Institute)

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council of Buncombe County

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council of Henderson County

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council of Madison County

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council of Yancey County

Mountin' Hopes Therapeutic Riding

North Carolina Youth Development Centers

New Leaf Academy

North Buncombe Middle School


Randolph Learning Center


Stone Mountain School

Unity Healing Center of Cherokee

Universal Health Services

WCCJ/Women at Risk