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Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc.
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Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. Horse Sense utilizes experiential learning to foster life skills and character development to support positive emotional, mental, behavioral and social skills of those who may be at risk or have special issues. Having supported literally thousands of clients since 2003, Horse Sense continues to be the leading resource in Western North Carolina for therapeutic equine interventions.

What's New at Horse Sense?


What's Your Story?

When you were in high school, did you ever run into one of your teachers out in the real world – away from school, in non-school-y dress, doing something… ordinary? Like buying milk and eggs or going to a movie?

It was a little unsettling, wasn’t it? Sort of like realizing that your parents had a life before you came along and took over.

We see these folks – teachers, parents, what-have-you – as people who exist purely for our benefit (or torture, whichever the case may be!). But realizing that they have a past, a life that does not revolve purely around us, can be tremendously valuable. It helps us see them for what they are, namely real, living beings who are here to provide us with guidance, knowledge, and clarity, but who are also here on their own journey.

The horses here at Horse Sense of the Carolinas are similar. They are teachers, certainly. They provide tremendous benefit and therapy in their work with clients and in their interactions with us, but they are each strong individuals.

Individuals with a past, and with experiences that inform who they are today and how they are with us in the round pen.

Once they arrive at our gates, become settled and get into the routing of working with clients and being members of our herd, it can be hard to remember that they had a back story at all.

We recently had two new horses join our herd – a couple of lovely mares. We’ve been letting them settle in and observing their behavior, and learning about their personalities. We even had some of our Facebook friends help us name them!

(By the way: are you following us on Facebook? You really should be – it’s where you’ll get to find out the most up to date goings-on around the farm and you may even get to help name a new horse or two!)

These two mares have been fitting in swimmingly and we cannot wait for them to start working with clients.

Fe, short for Felline, is a little flea-bitten grey Arab mare. She’s 14 years old and has had a bit of a tumultuous history. She has moved around a lot over the years, not because she was a “bad” horse, or because there were any major problems, but simply because nobody had ever really been able (or willing) to seek out her special talents and put them to good use.

She was sort of just hanging around, being a horse.

When she came to us, we had just recently put down a flea-bitten grey Arabian of our own. I ran into Fe’s current owner, a friend of mine, at a local coffee shop, and she asked me if I was looking for any new horses, as she was going through a hard time, personally.

I wasn’t, I replied, but what did she have? When I heard she had a little grey Arabian, I couldn’t ignore the sign.

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Horse Sense of the Carolinas: A Horse's Best Friend!

Sergeant Gus – From Police Horse to Therapist Extraordinaire

Do you remember who your best friend was ten years ago? Back then, you would have recognized them anywhere, but what about now – are the memories still as fresh? Would you still pick out their voice, sight unseen, from across a wide, rolling field?

That best friend could probably make you laugh when you were feeling so sorry for yourself you didn’t think there was any way out. She could help you find the confidence to tackle a major challenge or keep your ego in check if your head was starting to get a little bloated.

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